1. Melaleuca

Calling themselves the “largest online wellness shopping club” might seem like a bold claim, but Melaleuca supports that statement by offering products that pertain to nutrition, personal care, and cosmetics, and are not very likely to make a lot of money. Their products are supposed to be both more cost-effective and safer in general than the average grocery store brand. This particular company is really affordable to join at only $19 a year. You need to maintain a monthly PV to get commissions and discounts, but you will easily hit that with your personal purchases from the brand. you are not very likely to make a lot of money with Melaleuca, but the products alone are worth looking into the brand as an option to supplement your income.

  1. Pampered Chef

One of the best-known cooking MLMs, Pampered Chef has cooking tools and kitchen gadgets that have an almost cult-like following. This stable and trustworthy company that falls under the ownership of Berkshire Hathaway has the added benefit of carrying a household name behind their products. Getting started is far from cheap though. Starter kits can cost you anywhere from as low as $109 to the higher price of $249, but hosting a party allows you to knock the price of a starter kit down to as low as $50. Starting out you will only earn a commission of 20 percent to 25 percent, and once you manage to build a trusted team that commission with jump up to 31 percent. The famous Pampered Chef brand has lasted through the ages because they have been unafraid to change with the times. You are bound to have loyal customers for years to come with this company.

  1. Isagenix

The Isagenix mandate of “no compromises” is more than just words since they are considered to be among some of the most trustworthy health MLMs. Since 2002, Isagenix has been selling health and nutrition supplements for weight control, vitality, performance, and well-being in addition to beauty and personal care products. With an annual membership of $39 (or $29 in order to join autoship), it is incredibly easy to join Isagenix. You will start with 30 percent to 100 percent commission on retail sites, but there are multiple ways that you can earn with Isagenix.

  1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is more than just well established – it offers great products, great commissions, name recognition, and the chance to earn the keys to a pink Cadillac. Mary Kay is not a brand for slackers though, as it can be a bit of a fight to get and keep companies. However, at a 50 percent commission rate, it is worth the struggle to sell $300 in products every three months. You will need to be ready to talk skincare and cosmetics with anyone who will be willing to listen in order to start making sales, and that is after paying the $100 to join and $30 to enroll in their website program. It can be well worth it though and is worth the grind.

  1. Arbonne

Even though it got started in 1980, Arbonne is considered a newer cosmetics company. Selling botanically based personal care, beauty, and nutrition products is one thing, but Arbonne’s claim to fame is that their products are 100 percent free of cruelty and vegan compliant. Free of parabens, benzene, formaldehyde, petrolatum, and other preservatives, Arbonne has a commitment to “clean” that makes them one of the five most popular cosmetics and skincare companies. Their commitment to products that are both earth-friendly and chemical-free places them in the midst of some of the hottest and most popular consumer trends. While the price to join is only $49, your starter kit will end up costing you anywhere between $296 and $528.

  1. Herbalife

With a focus on nutrition, Herbalife is trying to provide the world with products that can help solve worldwide issues like poor nutrition, rising healthcare costs, obesity, aging, and poor fitness. They demonstrate a commitment to better health by not just saying they care but showing it by sponsoring more than 130 world-class athletes, over sixty professional leagues and teams, and five National Olympic Committees. Both of the two starter packs are priced around $100, making this one of the easier MLMs to join.

  1. Avon

Just like Mary Kay, Avon has been around for a while. However, there is still a strong demand for this UK-based cosmetics company. Affordable and easy to sell, Avon practically sells itself. It is just as simple to join! With an application price of $25 and the $25 to $100 starter kit, you will likely be able to start earning your 20 percent to 50 percent commission by the end of the week. Avon has been around since 1886, so you know the company has the ability to adapt to the times with ease.

  1. Young Living

The original company to focus on essential oils, Young Living was founded in 1993 under the belief that true wellness is achieved by the transformative power of nature. The fact is alternative health is a rapidly growing trend, which gives you a bit of an edge when it comes to selling the products. It only costs anywhere from $45 to $260 to get started, but commissions only range from 4 percent to 8 percent. It will take quite a while to break even and start churning a profit with this company.

  1. Amway

When you talk about MLMs, it is only natural to think of Amway. While not all of that whispers about Amway paint it in the best light, they are still responsible for paving the way for other companies and getting safeguards in place to protect MLMs. It only costs $62 to register and there is an additional $99.99 for the optional starter kit. You might struggle to find recruits, but you can still earn a viable income by getting some regular customers.

  1. Le-vel

Founded in 2012, Le-vel didn’t have to drag itself into the modern era to become known as the first company to focus on cloud-based direct selling. This company is already structured to make use of online sales techniques, which means it is going to be remarkably easy to get your start. Their products include nutritional supplements for things like weight loss, clarity, and performance. The starter kit will cost anywhere from $135 to $499, and you will need to have a $50 monthly order set up. You will find yourself with a good stream of extra money with the 20 percent commission rate though.

  1. LifeVantage

LifeVantage sells a variety of science-backed products such as health stacks, fitness, beauty, Nutritionals, and even pet products. Their products are designed to ensure a longer and better life by healing and protecting your body on the cellular level. LifeVantage also has an excellent reputation for paying its distributors on time. With an upward trend in stock prices, this company is certainly worth the investment one way or another.

  1. Nature’s Sunshine

Since health and wellness recently started becoming a booming industry, Nature’s Sunshine has managed to expand into twenty-six countries as a global force in pursuit of better health. Recommended by health practitioners, this brand has a focus on a blend of science and natural healing at an affordable cost. If you elect to work with Nature’s Sunshine, you will find that they are one of the rare companies out there that offer full disclosure. After joining for $40, you will receive a 33 percent discount on retail prices. Nature’s Sunshine has a great reputation in the industry, both for its products and for how they treat its distributors.